Timeline April

April 1982

Thursday 1st Friday 2nd
  • UN Security Council adopts Resolution 502 ordering Argentina to withdraw.
  • Argentina invades the Falkland Islands.
  • NP8901 and Falkland Island Defence Force overwhelmed by larger force.
Saturday 3rd
  • The United Nations approved resolution 502.
  • RN ships on Exercise Springtrain 82 ordered south from Gibraltar.
  • Argentine forces attack British Antarctic Survey scientists and Royal Marine Detachment at Grytviken, South Georgia.
  • Fifty-two school children are evacuated from Stanley.
Sunday 4th
  • United Nations condemns invasion.
  • Argentine forces occupy Goose Green and Darwin. One hundred civilians imprisoned in the community centre.
  • British Submarine sails for South Atlantic tasking.
Monday 5th
  • British carrier group deploys.
  • Maritime Patrol Aircraft arrive on Ascension Island.
Tuesday 6th
  • US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, begins peace shuttle.
  • British Amphibious Support ship deploys.
Wednesday 7th
  • Britain declares 200-mile exclusion zone around Falkland Islands.
Thursday 8th
  • Royal Navy ships depart Gibraltar.
Friday 9th
  • SS Canberra, with 40 and 42 Commando RM, and 3 PARA embarked, and MV Elk, with 2000 tons of ammunition, sail from Southampton.
Saturday 10th
  • EEC bans imports from Argentina in support of Britain.
  • British Task Force gather at Ascension Island.
Sunday 11th
  • First elements of British Task Force leave Ascension.
Monday 12th
Tuesday 13th
Wednesday 14th
  • Intelligence assessment puts Argentine strength on Falklands at 7,000 men.
  • HMS Endurance joins Antrim Group and heads for South Georgia.
Thursday 15th
Friday 16th
  • Main Task Force departs Ascension.
  • HMS Hermes arrives Ascension.
Saturday 17th Sunday 18th
  • Hermes Group leaves Ascension.
  • RAF tanker aircraft arrive Ascension.
Monday 19th
  • Hospital Ship SS Uganda departs Gibraltar.
Tuesday 20th
  • SS Canberra arrives Ascension.
Wednesday 21st
  • Antrim Group arrives off South Georgia and begins reconnaissance.
Thursday 22nd
  • Two Wessex helicopters recovering special forces lost during abortive landing on South Georgia glacier.
Friday 23rd
  • A Sea King helicopter from HMS Hermes crashes into the sea after dark. Killed in Action PO K S Casey
Saturday 24th
  • Atlantic Conveyor completes fitting of helicopter decks at Devonport.
  • HMS Brilliant joins Antrim Group off South Georgia.
Sunday 25th
  • Submarine Santa Fe damaged by helicopter attacks, at South Georgia.
  • RM and SAS assault on Grytviken; South Georgia recaptured.
  • HMS Intrepid, Atlantic Conveyor and MV Europic Ferry depart for the South Atlantic.
Monday 26th Tuesday 27th
  • MV Norland, with 2 PARA embarked, and RFA Sir Bedivere sail from UK.
Wednesday 28th
  • Antrim Group departs South Georgia leaving HMS Endurance on patrol.
  • Thursday 29th
  • HM Hospital Ship Uganda leaves Ascension.
Friday 30th