This page is dedicated to the memory of:

Seaman (Missile)

Matthew James Stuart

HMS Argonaut

Fred (Gravity Graham) Horabin

At the time of the Falklands, Matt was working for me as a ‘WE Seaman’, and on the fateful day of 21st May, as the Maintainer of the Seacat system (Weapons Engineering Mechanician 2). I was the last person to see him alive – when I closed the hatch to the forward Seacat magazine. What I have found hard to accept over the years, is that it was his 18th birthday, and he never got to enjoy it. That apart he was a helpful, and considerate young man – with a strong sense of humour. As one example – while at Portland, for Staff Sea checks prior to deploying, we had been testing missiles, and I told him it was ‘Standeasy’ at which point he walked out of the Ready-use Mag and proceeded to lock me in – only to return with a cup of coffee for me. I think he wanted to make sure we finished early …. It still gets to me even now.

Patrick Mathiot

“Stu” and I went through gunnery training together, we were in the same class and passed out together, I only really knew him for a matter of months, but as any serviceman will tell you the bond of basic training is lifelong. My thoughts to his family, we will all miss his soul ….