Royal Chelsea Hospital – Admission Applications

The story of the Royal Chelsea Hospital began over 300 years ago, in the reign of King Charles II. Aware that the Army was supporting a growing number of soldiers who were no longer fit for active service, or who were desolate on the streets of London, the King committed to the creation of a welcoming and safe home for veterans who had faught for the country and who were “broken by age of war”. This ethos and tradition continues and the Royal Hospital Chelsea today supports up to 310 aolder Army veterans who are in need and who meet the eligibility criteria.

Today the Royal Hospital offers independant living in a sheltered housing environment intended for those who, upon admission, are self caring and able to live independently with extra support where required but without the need for nursing care. They do offer nursing care but the Royal Hospital cannot accept direct entries to the nursing wards as space is limited.

They accept applications from former soldiers, non commissioned officers and late entry officers of the British Army, who have reached state pension age and who fit the eligibility criteria as laid down by the Board of Commissioners.

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