Peter Wilkin – Australia & New Zealand Coordinator  

I am a former 45 Commando RM, Signals Troop HQ. Landed at Ajax Bay, and unfortunately casevaq’d out on day 7 after the bombs landed at the beach head. So very lucky to still be here unlike some on that day. RIP.

Have been involved with SAMA82 for a long time, and living in South Australia since 1988. Have been the Aus/NZ coordinator for many years, but only as a point of contact. The AUS/NZ region is a big place and SAMA82 members are very remote from each other. Makes it quite difficult logistically to get a whole of region reunion. Each State and Territory has various catch ups, and mainly based around ANZAC day 25th April every year.

We do have regional Facebook Group with 60 members which can be found here: