Paul Holling- Board Member

Paul Holling - Trustee and Grants Committee member, responsible for the upkeep of the virtual Garden of Remembrance.

HMS Glasgow Paul's home in 1982, Firing Seadart during an exercise (System failed 12 May 1982), working on the Forecastle and entering Gibraltar.

Born in 1964 I joined the Royal Navy in the early eighties, on completion of training I joined my first ship HMS Glasgow which was part of the Task Force that went South in 1982.

HMS Glasgow 12 May 1982 Air Attack

I live in Portsmouth with my wife Moira and two daughters Laura and Emma.

I left the Royal Navy in 2008 and worked for Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service, a company staffed mainly by ex RN personel which provided maritime safety information to various shipping companies. Like many people I learnt the harsh realities of being unemployed when I was made redundant, using the spare time from this set back to focus on my family with the priority being Laura my eldest daughter. Laura required the support of her family due to the birth of Eloise my granddaughter who was born prematurely the day after the Army v Navy rugby match in 2016. Eloise spent the first six months of her life in hospital but is now fully recovered and is a fit, healthy and much loved child.
I have been a SAMA member for a number of years and I regularly support events in the Portsmouth area. By becoming a Moderator on the SAMA forum and Facebook page I am gradually taking over the administration tasks carried out by the stalwart John Erskine.
I have started volunteer work as an official Poppy Appeal Collector, Veterans Outreach Scheme helper and in my spare time you will often find me helping clear the beaches around Portsmouth of plastic.
My reasons for becoming a Trustee was to give something back, hopefully I have demonstrated to the Association my worth through the work I do as a member of the grants committee and the IT Skills I use to help our office staff run our Association Website.
As the trustee with the specific duty to maintain our Virtual Garden of Remembrance (GOR). I have set myself the personal goal of finding a memory and picture of every person who make up our 258 brothers who remain on eternal patrol.
Andy Hart, Paul Holling, Terry Hutchinson and Mick Fewster outside the Fiveways Pub in Hull after returning from the South Atlantic.