This page is dedicated to the memory of:

Warrant Officer 2

Lawrence Gallagher, BEM

22nd Special Air Service Regiment

J E Ellis

‘Lofty’ as he was known to his mates started out as a Royal Engineer at Old Park Barracks, the home of the Junior Leaders Regiment RE. Even as a boy he was a big lad, often being referred to as the Yorkshire pit pony.

We parted company in 1963 and went on to other things. I met him again in 1979 in Portadown NI when he was getting off a helicopter, looking very dirty and tired. None the less we recognised each other instantly and agreed to meet in the mess that night.

We shared a few pints and laughs about our youth, discussed our forthcoming retirement and once again parted company. I never asked him about his work with the SAS and he didn’t offer any information, not that I would have expected him to.

My abiding memory of Lofty is his constant taking of showers and his mock battles with his long-time pal Gelder. I was deeply saddened at his death each Remembrance Day I think of him …….. there but for the grace of God, go I.