This page is dedicated to the memory of:

Lance Corporal

Gary David Bingley, MM

2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment


I am Pete Stubbs (24282945) ex 2 para and was a good friend of Gaz and Jane Bingley. The man was amazing. I was his section commander in Berlin and as far as I am concerned, he will always be `Machine gun Bingley`.

He could strip/assemble and use the GPMG better than any man I know. (Sorry MMG platoon). He was admired and liked by everyone who knew him, was always laughing and was a typical airborne soldier + 100%. If I could have been half as good as Bingley I would have been a bloody good soldier.

I was a friend of Gaz and was totally amazed to see his name on the web. I think it is just brilliant. I am ex 2 para 1974-1986. I often think of Gaz. I went to the SHOT for the first time in years the main aim to see a mate and also visit Gaz’s grave and take a photo (just to remember). I hope his widow Jane and his daughter are doing fine, also his parents.








The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the Posthumous award of the Military Medal to the undermentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished service during the operations in the South Atlantic:

24347663 Lance Corporal Gary David BINGLEY, The Parachute Regiment

Throughout 28th May 1982, the 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment were engaged in fierce fighting to take well entrenched enemy positions in the area of the Goose Green settlement on the Island of East Falkland. Lance Corporal Bingley was a Section Commander.

During the battle his section came under fire at close quarters from two enemy machine-gun posts. To destroy the enemy positions he led his section in the assault and whilst leading was fatally wounded.

His heroic action enabled his company to continue their advance and was significantly instrumental in defeating the enemy.