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SAMA (82) Woollen Scarf

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A Company called Just Wool Textiles have contacted the SAMA (82) office to inform us that they have created 2 beautiful SAMA (82) Woollen Scarves, especially for our organisation.

For each one sold, £5.00 will be donated to our funds.

Neil Wildman-Whitten of Just Wool Textiles, who has created this wonderfully unique scarf, has visited the islands many times, & has islanders who are personal friends and were affected by the conflict there in 1982.

He uses their wonderfully soft wool in his work, "so to be able to give a little back to those who liberated the islands is wonderful", he told us.

The scarves are not available to order through our online shop.      


Please click on the link and search for the product code: Sama82 scarves, to place your order.