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April 1982





1 Thursday  
2 Friday
  • Argentina invades the Falkland Islands.
  • 3 Commando Brigade put on alert.
  • UN Security Council adopts Resolution 502 ordering Argentina to withdraw.
3 Saturday
  • RN ships on Exercise SPRINGTRAIN under command of Rear Admiral Woodward ordered south from Gibraltar.
  • Emergency session of the House of Commons.
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4 Sunday
  • United Nations condemns invasion.
  • South Georgia captured by Argentine forces.
  • 3 Commando Brigade reinforced by 3 PARA and other Army units.
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5 Monday
  • Lord Carrington resigns as Foreign Secretary.
  • HM Ships Hermes and Invincible depart Portsmouth.
  • HM Ships Alacrity and Antelope, and RFAs Olmeda, Pearleaf and Resource make unannounced departures from other ports.
  • First Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft arrive on Ascension Island.
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6 Tuesday
  • Francis Pym appointed Foreign Secretary.
  • US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, begins peace shuttle.
  • HMS Fearless departs Portsmouth.
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7 Wednesday
  • Britain declares 200 mile exclusion zone around Falkland Islands.
  • Canberra arrives at Southampton for conversion and to embark stores and troops.
8 Thursday
9 Friday
  • Canberra, with 40 and 42 Commando RM, and 3 PARA embarked, and Elk, with 2000 tons of ammunition, depart Southampton.
10 Saturday
  • EEC bans imports from Argentina in support of Britain.
  • Antrim Group arrives off Ascension.
11 Sunday
  • Antrim Group departs Ascension with M Coy 42 Commando embarked.
12 Monday  
13 Tuesday  
14 Wednesday
15 Thursday  
16 Friday
  • Main Task Force departs Ascension.
  • HMS Hermes arrives Ascension.
  • Admiral Woodward flies to HMS Fearless for talks with Commodore Clapp and Brigadier Thompson.
  • Wideawake airfield on Ascension busiest in world that day.
17 Saturday
  • C-in-C Fleet, Admiral Fieldhouse, and Major General Moore fly to Ascension to brief Admiral Woodward, Commodore Clapp and Brigadier Thompson.
18 Sunday
  • Hermes Group leaves Ascension.
  • Six RAF Victor tanker aircraft arrive Ascension.
19 Monday
  • Newly-converted HM Hospital Ship Uganda departs Gibraltar.
20 Tuesday
21 Wednesday
  • Antrim Group arrives off South Georgia and begins reconnaissance.
22 Thursday
  • Two Wessex helicopters recovering special forces lost during abortive landing on South Georgia glacier. All rescued under atrocious weather conditions by HMS Antrim's Wessex.
23 Friday
  • A Sea King helicopter from HMS Hermes crashes into the sea after dark.
    Killed in Action: PO K S Casey
24 Saturday
25 Sunday
  • Argentine submarine Santa Fe damaged by helicopter attacks off South Georgia.
  • RM and SAS assault on Grytviken; South Georgia recaptured.
  • HMS Intrepid, Atlantic Conveyor and Europic Ferry depart for the South Atlantic.
26 Monday  
27 Tuesday
  • Norland, with 2 PARA embarked, and RFA Sir Bedivere sail from UK.
28 Wednesday
29 Thursday
  • Major General Moore flies to Ascension to brief Commodore Clapp and Brigadier Thompson.
  • HM Hospital Ship Uganda leaves Ascension.
30 Friday